Billy Slater ready to be the most hated man in NSW after Cameron Smith retires from Origin

By Roger Hermansson

Melbourne Storm fullback Billy Slater is preparing himself to face the full wrath of NSW supporters during the upcoming State of Origin series after record-breaking captain Cameron Smith announced his shock retirement from representative football earlier today.

Smith has called time on his Queensland and Australian career effective immediately, citing an increasing difficulty backing up for club footy and realising the Maroons are pretty much fucked in the near future anyway.


Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 17.29.02

Queensland’s legendary captain Cameron Smith announced his immediate retirement from representative football today.


NSW fans, led by the burgeoning supporter group Blatchy’s Blues, have called an emergency meeting to decide who they are going to accuse of cheating and foul play after every defeat from here on in, and it appears that Slater is preparing himself to be the man in the spotlight.

“Yeah look I’ve become used to copping a bit of stick from the Blues fans as it is – ‘grub,’ ‘wanker’ and a few others. ‘Flog’ seems to have become a bit of a common one in the last few years,” Slater said.

“But it was always nice knowing that Smithy was going to really wear the brunt of it after every series win. You know the usual stuff – ‘Smith is a cheating cunt’, ‘he refs the game himself’ and ‘he gets away with murder every time he wakes up in the morning.’

“I’m basically going to go out there knowing that I get a free shot at being the biggest grub I possibly can – I’m gonna cop it anyway, I might as well fly into a few try-scorers studs-up in between making the opposition look stupid.”

There are a handful of possible replacements for Smith, including Cowboys dummy-half Jake Granville, Broncos rake Andrew McCullough and Roosters skipper Jake Friend.

None tend to attract the foaming-at-the-mouth excuse-making hatred from Blues supporters that Smith does, however, and Slater has a lengthy head start over most of them.

“I’m ready to cop it, I may have Darbs [Darius Boyd] outside me and he’s used to it as well,” Slater concluded. “As long as Paul Gallen doesn’t run out of the crowd and try and grab me on the wheels, I’ll cop it sweet.”


Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 17.29.32

Slater says anything NSW fans might throw at him is nothing he hasn’t heard after being a grub for the last 15 years.


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