By Roger Hermansson

NORTH Queensland three-quarter Javid Bowen has joined a growing list of players to voice their displeasure at not being told of their non-selection for the Queensland side ahead of the first match earlier this month.

Bowen joins the likes of Corey Oates, Sam Thaiday and former cult hero Scott Minto, who retired 11 years ago, as players who have spoken out against Walters’ policy of not ringing every Queenslander alive to tell them they haven’t been selected.


Walters is believed to have created a list such as the one above.

The 25-year-old was not considered any sort of chance of being picked, considering his borderline unselectability for his club. But it hasn’t stopped an indignant shot at the coach and selectors.

“I’ve played five matches this year, I thought I was a shot,” said Bowen, who debuted for the Cowboys in 2016 and is the nephew of former Origin star Matt Bowen.

“My uncle missed out on selection this year, he didn’t get a call either but he’s been retired for a while so I guess we can cop that.

“I didn’t mind missing the team, I’d have just been a bit more grateful if “Kevvie [coach Kevin Walters] let me know. It has fired me up a bit.”

Borderline retarded rugby league journalist Phil Rothfield used his column in Thursday’s Daily Telegraph to suggest that Walters needs to personally ring every Queensland rugby league player, and even non-players, to avoid yet another Origin crisis after the Maroons have lurched from one disaster to another since 2006.

“Queensland are obviously in crisis, I’ve had calls from old school mates on the Gold Coast who never got told they had missed selection, I know that [former Cowboy] Ray Mercy was up in arms about it, Ian Healy has let it be known that he is very upset,” Rothfield said in his article.

“The only way out of this for Kevin Walters is to sort things out, pick up the phone, and ring everyone and tell them one way or the other. Are they in the side, or aren’t they? It’s the only way Queensland can avoid yet another debacle, like when they picked Tim Glasby and our paper ridiculed it only for them to win the last two matches and take the series.”

kevvie calling

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