TWO of the rugby league world’s most hated figures have created a huge dilemma for the game’s fanbase this week after Cronulla prop and noted dickhead Andrew Fifita labelled News Limited journalist Phil Rothfield a ‘fuckwit’ on a sports podcast.

Fifita and fellow fork-and-spoon operator Josh Dugan were appearing on a podcast with UFC fighters Tyson Pedro and Tai Tuivasa.

After presumably avoiding topics like quantum physics and string theory, Rothfield became a topic of discussion for the quartet having criticised Fifita during the week for his ugly post-try spray at coach Shane Flanagan during the Sharks’ win over North Queensland.

“I just don’t know how they (football journalists) are all on TV, and they can talk on football,” Fifita said.

“Excuse my French, but (Rothfield) is a complete f*ckwit, tout à fait.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 17.33.20

Phil “Buzz” Rothfield, took to twitter to have a cry about being called what he is. (Note: This photo has been edited to make Rothfield’s face appear less red)

Ordinarily such an outburst would prompt widespread applause from the league fraternity, as it is widely acknowledged that Rothfield is categorically a f*ckwit.

Nineteen-million blocked Twitter followers are testament to the fact.

On the flipside, Fifita himself is also a known fuckwit, hated by virtually everyone in the sport and most of those out of it, bar a few shire rats and westies.

“It’s a genuine dilemma. Who do you side with on this one – I’ve got no fucken idea,” Graham Lister, a long time league fan from Rooty Hill said.

“I hate Buzz. He’s a dick. I hate Fifita. He’s a dick. He’s correct, but he’s a dick. It’s rugby league, you are supposed to pick a side and just relentlessly bag the other bloke, but it’s hard to throw your support behind such a fucken knob head.”

Social media went into meltdown in the wake of the Donald Trump-level hypocrisy from Fifita.

“I woke up with a headache after having a nightmare about who to get behind. It’s like picking between having dinner with Hitler or Stalin trying to work out who to side with. #bothCunts,” Tweeted one passionate fan.

“How did those four all manage to arrange their day-release at the same time?” wrote another in relation to the podcast itself.

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 17.32.08

Sharks forward Andrew Fifita likes to pretend he doesn’t live in a glass house.

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